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Danni Andrew 
This is the first chapters of the manuscript in progress ~  
     Tears ran down my face like tiny rivers rushing to an unknown destination. Pressing my face against the window, I searched for one final glimpse of my children. Circles of fog obstructed my vision in the cold January morning air. Fearing that I would never see my children again, my eyes strained for one last glimpse of their small faces.           
      Slowly the doors closed. Holding myself in my seat, I knew that if I allowed myself to think one single, fleeting thought, I would rush out of this airplane, back to my safe, but insane, world. Forcing myself to remain in my seat, I buckled my seatbelt, while my heart was still gripped with fear. My mind began to whirl as the sound of the engines picked up speed below me. Every attempt at quieting my thoughts was much the same as standing before a thundering herd of horses bent on their own destination, and willing the thundering herd to stop.           
      I knew without a doubt in the small part of my rational mind that remained, I was sitting in the exact place God wanted me to be, yet the whirlwind of fear continued to blow through me. My thoughts returned to the darkness of a few nights before. The decision to make this trip had been filled with anguish. Years of wild chasing of ever-distant winds, and frequent, feeble attempts at solving my own problems, had led to this moment. All had been just as futile as standing before the ever present herd of pounding hooves. Read More...          
This book will be published soon. Join me in praying for the process of finishing the book.

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